Verification of "The Principle" a movie on Geocentrism


Do you only do « fact-checking » or are « conspiracy theories » and « pseudoscience » also a target of this platform?

In the second case, I would propose « The Principle » ( ) a movie defending the thesis that Earth is « motionless » at center of a Universe rotating around it, as a target.

The full movie has been made available on YT by its author there :

What do people think about this?



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Hello! Glad to see an English speaker on our platform :kissing_smiling_eyes:

For now, we can only add YouTube videos on the platform; but a more detailled commentary on a specific conspiracy theory is possible here, on the forum.

There is already a fact-checked video (in French) on this subject:

But we don’t have that many videos in English, and a full movie legally available on YouTube is very interesting to fact-check.

I have only 2 questions before possibly adding the movie you suggest on CF:

  • Most of us are not native English speakers (including me), so would you like to participate to the checking of the video, and/or invite others on the platform to make the English community growing here?
  • The YT video you gave seems to be about a movie called « Einstein: The Closet Geocentrist ». Is it really the same as « The Principle »?
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Well, je suis français mais comme le film est en anglais, je m’adressais à la communauté anglophone (et je vais poursuivre de même).

I think this is a great initiative, and we have to spread the word to english people too :slight_smile:

Nice, so many arguments are already covered. I have to have a look.

Some people that are doing everyday debunk on some flat-Earth group I’m on may be interested.
However, to debunk that movie well enough one needs an above average understanding of Special Relativity, and (quite harder) General Relativity too. I can manage SR, but understanding GR implications over the Mach’s Principle is above what I can currently do safely.
So, more than good English, good physics would be needed first.

I looked at the French debunk, it’s fine for a start, but maybe more is needed.

You are right: this is a second film that looks so close to « The Principle » that I just assumed it was same (same authors, reusing same interviews, etc.), it’s some « enriched » version, but basically reusing about same images and exactly same interviews of physicists.
« The Principle » is not publicly available.

Merci de ta réponse,


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J’avais un doute, justement :sweat_smile:
Tu sembles complètement bilingue en tout cas, c’est intéressant.

Indeed, and to all the others languages in the world as well!.. Ideally, anyway :yum:

I agree. As a physics teacher, I have a good understanding of those subjects, but sometimes not enough to comment in an effective way.

I agree as well. The video I debunked was made by an amateur scientist who doesn’t master the subject himself.

Alright. I tried to add it on CF, but there is an issue; maybe the video is too long? I’ll check that later.

De rien. N’hésite pas à te présenter à l’occasion (#presentation), et éventuellement à nous rejoindre sur Discord.

After some issues with the server, the video is online. :champagne:

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